I earned my Ph.D. at the University of Arizona’s School of Anthropology in 2016. I am currently an Assistant Professor at the Universiteit Leiden and a researcher on the European Research Council Synergy Nexus 1492 project. I study the material culture of past peoples in the U.S. Southwest and focus on examining how social movements shaped religion and politics through time. I study these movements using social and spatial analyses that draw on a wide range of data, although I’ve found ceramic and architecture to be particularly useful. I am interested in combining theories on decentralized social organization with standard archaeological, historical, and anthropological theories of historical change. I have applied these theoretical and methodological interests to the Gallina region of the prehispanic North American Southwest to understand issues of violence as well as resistance to the increasingly hierarchical religious and political situation in the late Chaco landscape and throughout the Mesa Verde region. I also apply my interests in the Hohokam region in the southern Southwest by examining how and why the spread of ideologies (specifically that associated with the spread of Salado polychrome ceramics) is truncated.

I have worked in the American Southwest since 2006. While my archaeological fieldwork has landed me in a range of amazing places, from historic slaughterhouses in Wisconsin to agricultural fields and copper smelting furnaces in Peru’s northern deserts, I’ve always ended up back in the dust and the sunsets of the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts.

More information about me and my research can be found here.

You can contact me at lsborck@gmail.com or through one of my institutional emails.


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